How to Take Practice Exams for the NCMHCE

The NCMHCE (National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Examination) is one of the most complex exams you will ever take in the mental health field. Practice exams help you prepare not only for the types of questions asked, but also the format of the answers.

Start by working through several questions individually.

When taking practice tests through, start with single questions rather than a list of them. Work through one question, write down your answers, and then check the right answer to evaluate your response.

Each question deals with a specific scenario. You must then decide which items on a multiple-choice list are applicable to that scenario. If you answered incorrectly, return to the question to work through the list once more.

Practice developing a filter.

In real-life counseling, you might cover more ground than necessary with clients to obtain a complete picture of his or her life. For the NCMHCE, however, you will need to provide the textbook answers to each of the questions in order to achieve a passing grade.


As you work through practice exams with the Clinical Exam Workshop, develop a reliable filter for weeding out unnecessary information. The goal is to select only the questions, treatments, or other steps required to resolve the scenario described.

Avoid guesswork.

When you take the actual exams, guesses could cost you points. An unanswered question yields no points at all, but for each incorrect selection, you stand to lose points. Consequently, guesses could damage your chances of passing the test.

Since practice exams are designed to prepare you for the real examination, don’t get into the habit of making guesses. Instead, work through the questions with Clinical Exam Workshop help to prepare for the NCMHCE exam, then determine why you were forced to leave a question blank.

Ideally, once you get to the actual exam, you won’t need to leave any answers blank. This is why it is important to take a clinical workshop in preparation for your test.

Make note of questions.

As you work through the practice exam, make note of any tricky wording, confusing language, or difficult array of possible answers. You will be able to answer questions during the workshop you take.

Remember that a clinical exam is not a field exam. You aren’t confronted with real people whose diagnoses might be complicated by extraneous factors. In the exam, the only information to consider is what is provided on the page.

The NCMHCE is a difficult exam that requires concentration and the ability to filter information through your training. If you aren’t sure about your ability to pass the test, take an exam workshop to prepare with professionals who understand the exam and its creators.


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